What's this all about ?
What's this 
all about ?
Most important 

What’s this all about ?

The objective of this project was to find a way to improve and optimize the travel times of public safety vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigade trucks. The original idea was initialized by personal experience as well as reports given by paramedics and firemen. Our research showed that it is true that the usage of special rights i.e. sirenes etc. shortens the travel times. However it also creates risks for the civil traffic as well as the crew of the car. To be able to judge the situation and the disadvantages of the currently used methods we did video taping from inside an ambulance car. We also gathered information from fire men and engineers from the "Städtischen Verkehrsamt Köln" (department of traffic, cologne).

These facts led to the following objective :

  • optimize the travel times of ambulances and other public safety vehicles
  • reduce danger at intersections for the vehicle’s crew as well as the public
  • integrate an on-screen information system in the vehicle which can transmit data on
    • the most appropriate way to be taken by the vehicle
    • possible problems on this way e.g. construction work
    • the rescue mission to be executed by the crew


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