Technical Basics
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Technical Basics

The idea was to create a concept that fulfills the requirements by using given technique as extensively as possible to reduce the necessary technical development and financial expense. The image on the right side illustrates the basic result. The basic presuppositions are given with :

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) , allows determination of the vehicle’s position
  • mobile computer systems including communication modules, which can easily be integrated into the car
  • digital communication net services, (e.g. the German " D-Netz") which ensure satisfactory data transmission
  • traffic supervision systems with which the phases/intervals of traffic lights can be controlled 
  • The traffic control systems mentioned above are present in nearly every major city. Additionally the whole unit may be connected to the hospitals’ computer system which gives the opportunity to exchange data between the vehicle’s crew and the staff of the hospital.

You may be wondering if there is anything new to be done.

Well, this is new :

    ·GPS-implementation in the vehicle

    computer system integrated in the vehicle

    communication module within the traffic control system to allow data exchange between the vehicle and the traffic system

To be modified :

  • data processing system within the traffic control system in order to determine the most appropriate travel route to be taken
  • central computer unit at the ambulance headquarters (e.g. to allow transmission of details of the task to be done)

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