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  • German: DE9701454*
  • European: EP0993657*
  • United States: US6231185*
  • International: PCT/DE1997/001454* and WO/1999/003066* for Canada, Japan, United States and European states: AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, IE, IT, LU, MC, NL, PT, SE)
  • German patent applications: DE10008251A1, DE19601024A1, DE19800845A1
  • * Copyright transfer to Siemens AG, Munich, Germany


Information about the copyrights

Please, do respect the protection of patents and the copyright of the various projects when using any of my ideas, realizations and stock-in-trade. You will find more information about the respective protection on the page "patents" or at the end of the respective page. As the protection of patents is intended to prevent people from imitating and copying, I must ask the reader to understand that many details of the works presented in the file "projects" must not be published. This especially applies to patents and patterns of construction that have not yet been published, and applications for patents.

More detailed information about my copyrights :

  • NeuroXidence:
  • The application for patent of the "NeuroXidence System" has already been published. The source code that is available on this web page is restricted to the analysis of three neurons. In case you are interest in an unrestricted version of the code please feel free to contact me. NeuroXdence is NOT Freeware or Shareware. If you want to use the tool for analyzing you data you need to get a license.


  • Eyetracking system:
  • The "Eyetracking systems" has repeatedly been protected by applications for patents and
    registrations. So please understand that I cannot offer further information


  • Traffic management system
  • The application for patent of the "Traffic management system" has already been published. If you take a commercial interest in more information about it, I ask you to contact me with the form. I'll immediately answer.

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