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This work is not meant to serve as a complete solution to the problems mentioned earlier. It is rather to be seen as an initiation to a concept which we think should definitely be followed. Especially essential public services should utilize given technology as intensively as possible. Even small improvement on travel times of an ambulance car can in certain cases have great impact on the success of treatment. The most common example given for this are reanimations which heavily depend on immediate help. Also heavy burning, apoplexy, fires etc. require a minimum of time wasted. (Studies of the tachometer recording disc of ambulance cars show the time wasted during travel - it is in some cases rather significant)

Above this the presented system would reduce the risk taken by the crew of the car. There are quite a few cases where ambulances (mostly due to crossing "red" intersections) crash during travel. Apart from humanitarian reasons for continuing development there is also the fact that the costs for the medical treatment following can be reduced. Also costs due to crashes would be reduced (crashes at intersections, especially in bigger cities, are nothing exotic). Moreover any vehicle could be equipped to use the system which would be very useful for instance to bus services. The overall traffic flow will be reduced by that.

Altogether we believe that our concept is a sensible extension of the use of currently available technology. Especially ambulances and fire cars will benefit from it which should be reason enough to follow it.


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